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Preservation of the craftmanship that was used to build your home or commercial property is not as difficult as one would think. In many cases, restoration is less costly than typical encouragement from contractors who want to replace.

 A good example of this is plastering vs. covering old cracks in walls and ceilings with drywall. A good plasterer can bring back the original artistry and features at much lower cost.

Windows are another issue to spend some timedoing your homework.  Window companies are quick to point out a laundry list of why their new products are superior. But listen to an old-time carpenter before you decide. The money you save by repairing windows can be substantial and more effectively invested into wall and attic insulation that will produce the same or greater energy savings.

The key to preservation is to learn from others!



Listed below are current websites that may be helpful as you plan your restoration work. Please note that the Guild does not endorse any of these but merely provide them as websites to explore:

​Bob Vila​
​Historic Directory​​ –
​National Park Service – ​​
​​​ –
​Old House Online​​ –
​The Craftsman Blog​​ –
​Real Homes​​​ –
​True Value​​​ –
​Traditional Building – ​​
​Cincinnati Historic Homes​ –
​Costimates​​​ –

Remember to work with Sandusky City for building permits, resources and available funding for building repairs and improvements:

​Building Department​​ –
​Code Compliance –
​Housing Repair Funding – ​

Preservation How To’s


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Old Electrical Wiring

Expert Electric About Knob & Tube Wiring:

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